Inviting You to “Refire”

Do you recognize yourself in this description?

You are a successful Baby Boomer who has recently left or is planning to leave your big job or avocation within the next few years. As a busy professional, you may have lacked bandwidth for leisure or for developing untapped potential in non-work areas. You may be uneasy about surrendering the huge responsibilities and hard-earned identity that distinguish your career. You may dread the inevitable physical challenges of aging. You may be ambivalent about the thought of retirement — and so you haven’t given it much thought. You haven’t developed a plan. You haven’t created a scaffolding to support the next stage of your life. As a Baby Boomer, you have been part of the generation that pioneered changes in every other phase of modern life. Now it’s time for you to pioneer the next frontier. Given your vitality, longevity, and resources, you have the privilege of redefining later life as a time that focuses on generating the greatest meaning, seeking adventure, discovering new delight, and creating opportunities for innovation — without compromise this time.

lr-coasterLife Reinspired is here to help you to explore this groundbreaking transition so that you’re prepared, inspired, and energized for the most exciting and meaningful ride of your life!

Take this quiz to see if you’re ready for Life Reinspired:

  • Has your company let you know it’s time to retire?
  • Have you decided to wind down a longstanding career?
  • Is it time to bring part of your life to a close?
  • Do you feel your chronological age is older than your “vitality age”?
  • Are you bored with activities that used to engage you?
  • Would you like to apply your skills in a new way?
  • Do you find yourself daydreaming a lot?
  • Do you have unfulfilled goals for your life?
  • Do you want to have a greater impact on your world?
  • Are you yearning for less structure and more fulfillment?

If you answered yes to six or more of the questions above, then you are the perfect candidate to pioneer a reinspired life!