“Many of us believe that our role in the world is the source of our power. While the power of role provides a vehicle to get good things done, true power is funded by personal work. Without the development of the core of who we are, we are lost when the role disappears or diminishes.”

— Patrick O’Neill, Founder of the Four Directions

Life Reinspired offers programs for men and women seeking a future filled with discovery, excitement, and new horizons. Programs are tailored to meet the needs of people who are healthy, well educated, successful, and can expect greater longevity than ever before. Focusing on the whole person, Life Reinspired creates the environment and experiences that will unleash untapped potential in participants.

The Self Reinspired Workshop

The Self Reinspired Workshop is the first workshop of the Immersive Program and is always held in a luxurious, inspiring setting. (You can take this alone, or as the jumping off point for the immersive excursion into your reinspired life.) In addition to the weekend retreat, the program includes three months of follow-up support featuring monthly facilitated group discussions and one-on-one executive coaching focused on navigating your transition and moving forward with your personal goals. The Self Reinspired Workshop offers the time, structure, thought partners, and stimuli to help you focus and reflect on personal themes. You will discover areas of unfulfilled potential and expansive dreams, and gather your resources so you can move forward in innovative ways.

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The Immersive Program

The Immersive Program includes three weekend workshops held in luxurious and inspiring settings. The workshops offer the time, structure, exercises, thought partners, and stimuli to create the next phase of life as the best phase of life.

Limited to 15 participants, the group stays together throughout the nine-month program. Between workshops and following the third workshop you will work one-to-one with an executive coach on formulating future goals, legacy, successful planning, and transition; participate in facilitated monthly forums with your Life Reinspired peers; and complete enriching exercises to maintain and build on your learning in the program.

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