About the Self Reinspired Retreat

The Self Reinspired Retreat is the first retreat of the Immersive Program. (You can take this alone, or as the jumping off point for the immersive excursion into your reinspired life.)

This program includes three months of follow-up support featuring monthly facilitated group discussions and one-on-one executive coaching focused on navigating your transition and moving forward with your personal goals. The Self Reinspired Retreat offers the time, structure, exercises, thought partners, and stimuli to help you focus and reflect on personal themes. You will discover areas of unfulfilled potential and expansive dreams, and gather your resources so you can move forward in innovative ways.

This retreat creates a forum for personal reflection, taking stock, re-dreaming, and exploration.

Exercises and activities help you to:

  • Clarify and reconnect with your purpose and values
  • Explore your personal and professional legacy
  • Articulate the meaningful contribution you want to make
  • Unearth your hidden and undeveloped talents
  • Brainstorm your unique Bucket List
  • Address the fears, losses, and dislocations that often accompany the transition to “retirement”
  • Begin to shift motivation from external demands to inner imperatives
  • Forge a strong community of Life Reinspired thought partners to support and deepen the exploration moving forward