Katherine Olivetti

Katherine is one of the most intelligent, nurturing, and trustworthy individuals I know. A conversation with her always invites curiosity and reflection. She engages in problem solving in the most creative, expansive ways. One of the most unique features in a conversation with Katherine is that she brings her own amazing and penetrating insights, but she has an uncanny ability to bring out the best in the other person. Together, creative and expansive solutions always emerge. She loves flowers and is a great gardener, but also has the most amazing “green thumb” for growing people.

— Carol Schaefer, Philanthropist & Trustee

Throughout my work with Katherine I took notes about my process. As I began to teach art workshops I wrote about the creative process I witnessed my students wrestling with — in the flow — out of the flow — stuck. I began to think about gathering my ideas together in a book. This idea turned into the ultimate test of moving forward and one that would move me into a larger context, teaching workshops in the public and corporate sectors. I was full of self-doubt, but when I finished my book, Painting Your Way Out of a Corner: the Art of Getting Unstuck, it was chosen to be published by Tarcher-Penguin. My journey from an unhappy situation in both a marriage and career into a thrilling vocation in art is a testament to the extent of nurturing and guidance I received during my work with Katherine. I felt as if she never once stopped believing in me.

— Barbara Diane Barry, Artist, Author, & Workshop Leader

The ability to collaborate and to see the potential for growth in a situation are skills that Katherine brings to her work. She approaches collaboration with gentleness and care, but also with precision and a penetrating insight that is used in service of growth and development. Somehow she knows how to identify the gold that is buried and bring it to light.

— Charles Asher, Jungian Analyst, Clergy & former University Provost

I have worked with Katherine as a co-leader of workshops. She is easy to work with in that she is respectful of others and always holds a space for exciting synergy between people to take place. As a leader she generously shares her own original ideas and insights, but the thing I always find most amazing is how she helps other people discover their own brilliance, even when they didn’t know it was there.

— Linda Leonard, Author of “The Call to Create” & “The Wounded Woman” and Jungian Analyst

Katherine Olivetti, deeply empathic, brilliantly attuned to the depths of the human psyche, is able to create, inspire, sustain, and lead communities of people to achieve their best, individually and collectively.  By bringing her patience, compassion, and generosity she holds the vulnerabilities and struggles of others and supports them as they grow and learn. My vision of Katherine is that she is like a seasoned and gifted composer and conductor, one who knows how to evoke and manifest the best others have to offer.

 — Frances Hatfield, Jungian Analyst, Editor, & Poet

The thing that is most remarkable about Katherine Olivetti as a leader and teacher is not only that she is intelligent, insightful, and articulate, but she also has the courage to expose her vulnerability. This makes her ability to reach people and touch them deeply very powerful.

— Valerie Hone, Jungian Analyst

I have had the good fortune to experience Katherine as both an instructor and a co-leader and have been continuously delighted by the depth of her knowledge, and her unique ability to connect the “here and now” to universal and historic patterns. The special blend of honest challenging and colorful play that she brings calls us all to live fuller, fiercer, and more joyous lives.

— Kathi Antonson, Corporate & Individual Coach, Designer

Caroline MacNeill Hall

Thank you so much for your leadership and all the wisdom and experience you shared with the group. I was deeply inspired by the amazing focus, attention, and patience you bring to your role as leader and coach and I was moved by the confidence you so clearly have in each person’s discovery process.

…Your questions and attention seemed, each time, to ignite a process of distillation and hope… What an impact that brevity and depth of focus has! As a documentary filmmaker, I understand the power of curiosity and listening and of asking questions, but [you have] really awakened me to the value of honoring the questions themselves as a process and a guide.

— Hillary Birmingham, Documentary Filmmaker

I especially appreciate how lovingly and firmly you hold me, and I want you to know that I feel it. It makes a difference in my life! I also appreciate the immense amount of energy, attention, and creativity you bring to the entire community and to the work you do. You make a difference in the world.

— Paul Plamondon, Experiential Education Designer

Every day I have grown, every day I act on my urges more, every day I take permission, every day I see my impact and take full responsibility, every day my life seems like a dream come true, every day my possibilities grow, every day I dare to be bigger, every day my ego gets smaller, and every day I am making a difference. And every day, when I bow my head or raise it to the sky to be grateful and to count all my blessings, I say thank YOU Caroline, thank you for you.

— Nassim Ghrayeb, Senior Executive & Photographer, Dubai

You should know, I think of you often, usually while I am driving, always with the intention to write you a long email with all of the ways I notice that your leadership has impacted my life. Know when you get a “ping,” that is me, sending out intention, saying “Caroline, the work you do is amazing, and a gift, and I continue to learn from you every day.”

— Kerry Hamilton, Senior Executive

Caroline, you are powerful, passionate, strong, wise, intuitive, no bullshit, and willing to say the hard stuff when it is the most obvious, yet nobody wants to say it. I believe that you see the very core of the onion and go right there, others have to peel layers to get to the core. Both work and your way is bold and so in service of getting at moving people NOW. Then… your beauty… astonishing! I can’t begin to put words to describe the person you are.

— Deanna Peterson, PhD

Your strong, beautiful, flowing, passionate, creative energy led me and challenged me in ways that I’m still discovering. I’m striving deeply to step into my strength because I’ve been leading from my weakness for too long. You are an amazing example to me of how beautiful strength and passion can be. I love your energy and your leadership qualities and I feel blessed to have attracted such a marvelous person into my life.

— Susan Taylor, Designer

Caroline you are a very strong, courageous, compassionate, vibrant, and most definitely beautiful person. I think your beauty not only shines on the outside, but within, as well.  I think you have so much life in you to bring to this world and people could only be lucky enough to be part of it and have you in their lives in some way. If i would ever want a new best friend or even a mother, I would want you to be that person for me. You have my utter respect and gratitude. If in my lifetime I could only bring or do half of what you have done for me, I think this world would be THAT much better.

— Allen Davidov, Entrepreneur

Sabrina M. Roblin

Sabrina creates a sacred space for whatever may arise in our sessions. Her wisdom, compassion, and dynamic coaching abilities have helped to align me with my highest path, and have given me the clarity to move forward with confidence. Her talent for connecting singular experiences with larger life themes has brought a sense of cohesion to my life. Her coaching honors our connection with Spirit as well as practical application of the learning. After working with her for a few months, I have accomplished much more than I expected to. But more importantly I feel much more capable of handling situations when they arise. Every session reconnects me with my personal power and gives me the confidence to create from that place. I’m so blessed and grateful to have Sabrina as my coach.

— Bryn Schuermann, Farmer’s Markets Manager & Individual Coach

Sabrina Roblin brings a powerful mix of heart, spirit and business experience to her work as a coach. Love filled, gentle, yet with an amazing ability to have challenging conversations, Sabrina is the one you want on your side!

— Cynthia Loy Darst, MCC, Founder TeamDarst, Founding Leader CTI

Sabrina Roblin understands fully what it means to be an outstanding listener. She not only hears what her clients are saying, she tailors her feedback to the precise needs of the ongoing dialogue she inspires with anyone lucky enough to work with her. There is nothing canned or prefabricated about the road maps that Sabrina develops with her clients in partnership. Everything she says and does is unique, personal, rooted in fact-based discovery, and carefully shaped to identify the hidden opportunities ahead that few individuals can see for themselves. I have seen her in action for three decades and her sensitivity to helping people better chart their futures is only surpassed by her intuition, patience, and willingness to evolve a plan through collaborative iteration. She is one of a kind, and believe me, you want her in your corner.

— Ken Goldstein, Author;
Chairman, ThriftBooks Global &
Chairman, Good Men Media

If you are looking for a mentor or coach who is knowledgeable, insightful and compassionate, Sabrina is a perfect choice. She has the experience and training to catalyze personal transformation in others from a place of service over ego.  I highly recommend her for the person she is and for her skills.

— Patrick O’Neill, President, Extraordinary Conversations