Our Philosophy

seniorsPsychologist Carl Jung asserted that during the first half of life, human beings focus on developing a healthy ego to forge identity, achieve mastery, and meet the challenges of life. In later years, the focus shifts to manifesting the undeveloped aspects of the self — parts that may have been sacrificed to meet earlier demands. Tapping into this potential has a potent impact; for many, it is the gateway to deep, spiritually satisfying experience.

The founders of Life Reinspired passionately believe that using our gifts fully creates ongoing health and well-being for us as individuals, while it also has an impact on our community and world.

The Team

Caroline MacNeill Hall, MA, PCC

carolineCaroline is President of MAC Advisors, an executive coaching, culture transformation, and leadership development company. She is also senior faculty for The Coaches Training Institute.

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At CTI she designs and delivers programs worldwide in coaching and leadership skills. Her clients include the Singapore Civil Service College, the Stanford Graduate School of Business (where she creates programs for MBA candidates and alumni at various phases of life), the Federal Reserve Bank, Kaiser Permanente, Medtronic, Proctor & Gamble Latin America, Microsoft, Hewlett Packard, and LinkedIn, among many others. She is co-author of the 2009 book The Bigger Game: Why Playing a Bigger Game Designs Who You Want to Become. Caroline received her BA from Williams College magna cum laude and her MA in Human Development from St. Mary’s University. She has four grown children and ten grandchildren, is a fabulous dancer and mediocre rower, and splits her time between a Sausalito houseboat and downtown San Diego.
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Kelly McNeill, CPCC, Sales Director

kellyKelly McNeill is a Certified Co-Active Coach and seasoned Sales Executive. She’s been coaching since 2014 and has worked in sales and management since 2001. Kelly is passionate in her pursuit to bring value and prosperity to individuals and organizations. She is recognized as a tremendous resource to her clients and colleagues.

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In her own coaching practice, Kelly works with individuals and teams to help them realize and step into leadership. She understands the stress and demands of the corporate culture – after being an integral part of if for 15 years – and works with her clients to better communicate their needs and ask for what they want.

Kelly has been a highly successful motivation ambassador throughout her career. She worked diligently with medical professionals and in the financial services sector to improve practice guidelines and communication. Many of the programs that she developed remain in use throughout San Diego County today; including protocols to assist in communication between layers of management related to income generating medical programs and account relationship introduction and administration procedures.

Kelly graduated summa cum laude with a B.A. in psychology from the University of California at Santa Cruz where she acted as Vice President of the Psi Chi Honor Society. She is proud of her volunteer work with the San Francisco Suicide Prevention Hotline, and is honored to be a member of the San Diego Chapter of the Junior League. She is also a dedicated spouse and mom to two fabulous children.

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Sabrina M. Roblin, CPCC

sabrinaSabrina is an experienced executive, mentor, trainer, and coach. She has worked for organizations that include Wells Fargo Bank, Broderbund Software, and The Coaches Training Institute.

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She worked at CTI for 14 years until she retired as Chief Learning Officer for the company. As a retired senior executive, she has direct experience in the transition process to the next phase of life with all of its challenges and gifts. Sabrina studied The Four Fold Way with cross-cultural teacher, author, and consultant Angeles Arrien for almost 20 years, incorporating “walking the spiritual path with practical feet” in everything she does. She received her BA from San Francisco State University, is a singer/songwriter with a grown son, and resides in Sun Valley, Idaho, where she is an active outdoorswoman, enjoying hiking, skiing, fly-fishing and horseback riding.
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Dorothy Hall, Marketing Director

dorothy hallDorothy has successfully guided and managed online and digital marketing campaigns for small business owners, non-profits and start ups for the past 15 years, including advising and implementing functional & effective business systems for new & growing companies.

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She particularly enjoys supporting individuals and organizations that strive to improve the lives of people and the planet, challenging the status quo of what is possible in the context of the world of business. More recently she has supported non-profits focused in strenghthening the education and health of women around the world, and a start up that offers premier online music and arts lessons for students of all levels and in any location.

She brings a strong background in lead acquisition, technical marketing, data analytics and web development. Dorothy graduated cum laude, with Disctinction, with a B.A. in Liberal Studies from Sonoma State University and is currently deepening her business knowledge at the Harvard Business School.

For more information contact Dorothy.

Michael K. MacNeill, Executive Advisor

michael macneillRecently retired, Michael was the founding partner of MAC Advisors, a firm specializing in executive coaching, leadership development, and culture transformation.

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For 25 years, he advised senior executives, both nationally & internationally, in generating winning strategies and enhancing leadership skills. Michael has a long history of leading highly effective senior teams and facilitating leadership in a variety of industries. Formerly, he co-founded Lee Hecht Harrison’s global leadership development/coaching practice. This multimillion dollar consultancy worked with senior leaders in Fortune 1000 companies in 150 locations throughout North America, Europe, Asia, Latin America, and the South Pacific.


Michael began his career in banking and commercial real estate finance. He was a broker, manager, and director of marketing for Coldwell Banker Commercial Real Estate. He also was a partner in Bay Group, the consulting firm that created Visa International/USA’s world headquarters.

Michael graduated from Occidental College. In 1995, he took a sabbatical to study with a well-known cultural anthropologist in the areas of leadership philosophies, advanced coaching, and ancient and contemporary models of individual and team participation/contribution.

Michael’s clients included Kaiser Permanente, Charles Schwab, Franklin Templeton, VISA, Omnicon, Levi Strauss, Wells Fargo Bank, Bank of America, Pacific Gas and Electric, and Grey Advertising, among many others.

Michael splits his time between downtown San Diego and a Sausalito houseboat. He loves to swim in ridiculously cold water and is a devoted, hands-on grandfather.