“Many of us believe that our role in the world is the source of our power. While the power of role provides a vehicle to get good things done, true power is funded by personal work. Without the development of the core of who we are, we are lost when the role disappears or diminishes.”

— Patrick O’Neill, Founder of the Four Directions

Our clients include corporations, MBA Alumni Services programs, financial advisors, estate attorneys, and health care organizations that are committed to help their people leave well and live well in life’s next frontier. We also offer private custom programs on demand.

Life Reinspired programs offer the structure, thought partners, and stimuli to help participants dream, brainstorm, plan, and gather resources. Following weekend retreats, you will work one-to-one with an executive coach on formulating future goals, legacy, successful planning, and transition; participate in facilitated monthly forums with your Life Reinspired peers; and complete enriching exercises to maintain and build on your learning in the program.

Our Programs

Executive coaches and leadership consultants launched Life Reinspired to help senior leaders maximize their organizational legacy and design what’s next.

The prospect of “retirement” or mid-career transition can be daunting. Life Reinspired convenes senior level peers to think it through together and provide support throughout the program.


As presented at Stanford University Graduate School of Business

Deep Dive: Life Reinspired

  • Two 3-day retreats over six months cover:
    • Legacy
    • Values
    • Purpose
    • Bucket List
    • Vision
    • Redesigning Relationships
    • Strategic Planning
    • Making It Real
  • Twelve private coaching calls designed to:
    • Clarify path to next chapter
    • Planning
    • Accountability
  • Six facilitated video discussions
  • Email access to program leaders/coaches
  • For 12-22 participants

Quick Hit: Self-Reinspired

  • Day long session covers:
    • Legacy
    • Purpose
    • Bucket List
  • Private coaching and online follow-up available
  • For 30+ participants


Life Reinspired Custom Events could include:

  • Couples’ weekend workshops
  • Family transition planning retreats
  • Groups focused on major career transitions
  • Public programs drawing participants from multiple organizations
  • Private coaching and online follow-up available
  • Minimum of 8 participants
During the Program participants explore:

Leaving Well

Define their professional legacies, groom their successors, mentor young colleagues, transfer institutional knowledge

Living Well

Revisit their purpose and values, create a vision story and a Bucket List, cultivate more relationships while redesigning alliances with those closest to them

Launching Well

Create a specific transition strategy and plans, and make it real