About the Immersive Program

The Immersive Program includes three sequential weekend workshops held in luxurious and inspiring settings. The workshops offer the time, structure, exercises, thought partners, and stimuli to create the next phase of life as the best phase of life.

Limited to 15 participants, the group stays together throughout the nine-month program. Between workshops you will work one-to-one with an executive coach on formulating future goals, legacy, successful planning, and transition; participate in facilitated monthly forums with your Life Reinspired peers; and complete enriching exercises to maintain and build on your learning in the program.

The Life Reinspired Immersive Program is scheduled as follows:

Workshop 1

Self Reinspired

This workshop creates a forum for personal reflection, taking stock, re-dreaming, and exploration.

Exercises and activities help you to:

  • Clarify and reconnect with your purpose and values
  • Explore your personal and professional legacy
  • Articulate the meaningful contribution you want to make
  • Unearth your hidden and undeveloped talents
  • Brainstorm your unique Bucket List
  • Address the fears, losses, and dislocations that often accompany the transition to “retirement”
  • Begin to shift motivation from external demands to inner imperatives
  • Forge a strong community of Life Reinspired thought partners to support and deepen the exploration moving forward

Workshop 2

Relationships Reinspired

This workshop focuses on how your transition impacts and is supported by your most important relationships.

Caroline Hall

During Workshop 2, you will have the opportunity to include your partner or a key person in your life to design your relationship to support your next phase together.

Exercises and activities will help you to:

  • Improve communication skills for negotiating transitions
  • Redesign unspoken relationship agreements and assumptions to accommodate changes
  • Improve skill in personal conflict resolution
  • Identify new areas for mutual growth and partnership
  • Learn how to co-create discovery, adventure, and meaning with others

Workshop 3

Community Reinspired (The Launch)

This workshop focuses on making your future plans real in your world.

Caroline Hall addressing alumni at the Stanford University Graduate School of Business

Caroline Hall addressing alumni at the Stanford University Graduate School of Business

In this final phase of the program — the launch — you will consolidate the skills, motivation, and resources gained in the program thus far and step into your next best chapter.

Exercises and activities will help you to:

  • Develop strategies to connect with organizations, groups, or communities that support your next phase
  • Incorporate newly discovered strengths and dreams into your plan
  • Engage others in what’s next
  • Cross the bridge toward the next chapter of your “one wild and precious life”