Doesn’t everything die at last, and too soon? Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?

— Mary Oliver

The pioneers of this newLife Reinspired territory are our participants.

You are successful Baby Boomers who have recently left or are planning to leave your corporate or professional world within the next few years. As busy professionals, you may have lacked bandwidth for leisure or for developing untapped potential in non-work areas. You may be uneasy about the prospect of surrendering the huge responsibilities and hard-earned identity that distinguish your career. You may dread the inevitable physical challenges of aging. You may be ambivalent around the thought of retirement… and so you haven’t given it much thought. You haven’t developed a plan. You don’t have a scaffolding to support the next stage of your life.

As a Baby Boomer, you have pioneered every other major life cycle transition so far. Now it’s time for you to pioneer the next frontier. Given your vitality, longevity, and innate resources, you can redefine later life as a time that focuses on generating the greatest meaning, seeking unexpected adventure, discovering new delight, and creating opportunities for innovation — with no contingencies this time.

Life Reinspired helps you to explore this huge transition now so that you’re prepared when the time comes.

Why Reinspire Your Life?

American retirement as a concept is outdated. Increased life expectancy, vitality, and technological advantages have changed the landscape of mature adulthood.

Demographics reveal that our transient population and shift in spiritual practices mean that many of us lack community ties or affiliation with a faith-based community. As a result, many high-functioning people lack some of the emotional support or spiritual solace we need to weather major life changes.

All these factors point toward the need to revise the paradigm of retirement as the (relatively short) golden age of golf, travel, and hobbies. The need for community, meaningful endeavor, social and spiritual affiliations, and continued self-evolution is integral to the new paradigm for the next chapter.

Our Philosophy

Psychologist Carl Jung defined adult individuation as having two major phases. During the first phase of adulthood, the focus is on developing a healthy ego that can meet challenges, forge identity, achieve mastery, and function with competency and excellence. You’ve done that.

The second phase requires tapping into the undeveloped parts of the self, parts that may have been sacrificed to meet the demands of the earlier developmental phase. Tapping into potential has a potent impact; for many, it is the gateway to deep, spiritually satisfying experience.

Life Reinspired holds the notion that individuals continue to grow and develop throughout their lives. Creativity, the ability to innovate and design, and the potential for wholeness and healing are innate. Each individual brings to the world a specific set of gifts and potentials that draw upon the resources of body, mind, and spirit; using our gifts fully creates an ongoing state of health and well-being.Life Reinspired evokes and operationalizes these resources to meet the challenges of the future with a delighted and adventurous spirit.