By Katherine Olivetti

stress away

One of the wonders of being alive today is brain research.  Many ideas that we have intuitively believed to be true are now being documented with hard scientific facts. It is well known that receiving social support is associated with reduced vulnerability.  However a study published in Psychosomatic Medicine in 2016 documents via neuroimaging that GIVING SUPPORT reduces stress related brain activity in three parts of the brain.

We spend lots of time and energy figuring out how to manage and reduce the stress of modern life. To name a few (some better than others):

  • Meditation and mindfulness practice
  • Exercise
  • Recreation
  • Alcohol and drugs
  • Vacation
  • Chilling out
  • Television and movies

But this study has implications for all of us that are incredible:

If you want to reduce stress for yourself, then give someone else support!


This information is especially important for individuals who are ending a big project, a career, or retiring.  With a little more time available, you have the opportunity to do something wonderful for yourself—by doing something wonderful for someone else.

Think about it:  How can you add an act of supporting someone else into your schedule to support someone else?

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Katherine Olivetti is Co-Founder of Life Reinspired, a reset lab for successful Baby Boomers contemplating a meaningful next chapter of life. She is a practicing Jungian psychoanalyst, family therapist, coach, writer, and editor, training professionals throughout the world.