I just finished watching, The Greatest Night in Pop, the documentary on Netflix about the making of the song, “We Are the World”, and I am so moved and inspired for the second time in my life by this song I first heard on March 7th, 1985, that I had to sit down at my computer and start writing.

Forty-five of the top pop artists of the time, Quincy Jones producer, and a number of videographers, sound engineers and still photographers came together to create the recording of this song, written by Michael Jackson and Lionel Richie. Called to action by people starving in Africa where in some places there were 15 bags of flour to feed over 27,000 people, they came together in one night and donated the gift of their voices to change the world, and they did. “We Are the World” inspired millions of people in love and generosity and raised over $63 million dollars (approximately $227 today adjusting for inflation) for USA for Africa.

I invite you to watch this documentary and listen to the song again (see below).  It reminded me of two things. First, that this song and how it brought people together in love, compassion and generosity, is what we need as much or more today as we did then. And second, that giving your “gift”, whatever it is, will change the world. Your gift is needed more than ever, and whether you give it to one person or many, it can and is changing the world. It can be as seemingly inconsequential as offering your time as a basketball coach to a team in your community, or to something as grand as the song, “We Are the World”. If you are on this distribution list, reading this blog, you are gifted with talent, skills, and resources. Some of you are already giving your gift to the world in amazing ways. If you are, never doubt it’s value. It makes a difference as it ripples out into the world beyond what you can know or see. Keep giving.

If you are doubting yourself or aren’t sure what or how to give your gift at this time in your life, please reach out for an inspirational conversation. I’m here to remind you and to help you get back on track, or on a new track if that’s what you need. That’s my gift to you. I want everyone in the boat, rowing us to the new shore humanity needs to get to. We’ve got this, We Are the World. Despite all the division, wars, and challenges around the globe, we’ve got this. The heart and spirit of humanity is shining through and it’s making a difference.

Spread the love on Valentine’s Day in meaningful ways.  “It’s true we’ll make a better day just you and me”.


sabrina roblinSabrina Roblin, CPCC, a former executive and co-founder of Life Reinspired, is happily enjoying her best chapter of life. She now helps others do the same. Schedule a free Life Reinspired Strategy Session or email info@lifereinspired.com to learn more.