One of the most spiritual things you can do is embrace your humanity. – Steve Maraboli

My former husband and father of my son passed away in August and I was overwhelmed by it in ways I didn’t expect.  As a result, I didn’t write or send a blog in the months of August or September.  I was surprised by experiencing grief after many years of being divorced, and all it brought up for me – memories of our life together, of raising my son, of the good times and challenging times, of the ways I failed and grew in the relationship.  It brought back memories of losing my dad and mom, giving me another opportunity for reshaping the stories I tell myself about my life, and for forgiveness and healing.  As I support my son through the loss of his father, it has reminded me of the legal hurdles we face when a loved one dies.  It can be complicated and activate lots of challenging feelings.  I now have a note on my computer that says, “Name it to tame it, feel it to heal it” by Dr. Dan Siegel, to remind myself that it’s the only way through to healing and growth.  Numbing out and/or acting out only create more difficulty.

Grief is work.  Avoiding grief is even more work. – David Kessler

In the second half of life, we are faced with more loss than in the first half just because we have fewer years in front of us than behind us.  So, grief is a territory we will likely experience more often.  Mine has brought up questions about my spirituality.  And in my part-time work as a spiritual director and chaplain, I’ve found that those people who believe in something greater than themselves, (whether they call it God, divine mystery, or something else) navigate loss, illness, and other life challenges with more hope, courage and resilience than those people who don’t.

As I am aging, I am finding my questions and beliefs about God/the divine mystery are becoming more and more important to me and how I live my life. I’ve been reflecting on the deepening I’ve experienced in my spiritual life, my desire to support others in that, and how to bring that into my work.  I’m finding my way.

Spirituality is an important aspect of living a Life Reinspired.  What are ways to bring spirituality forward that create openings for curiosity, exploration, and conversation…in ways that cultivate hope, courage and resilience? How is this showing up in your life and how do you want to be supported in these questions and in your relationship to the divine mystery that lives in us and all around us?

Please email me and let me know or schedule a conversation.  I’d like to hear from you.



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