By Sabrina Roblin

sabrina embracing the adventure

In life we make our plans, we map our course, and we never know what’s around the bend.  Unexpected losses, a new friend or lover, a new job opportunity, a set back….it’s all part of the journey.  The transition from a long-time career to “retirement” can be especially challenging.  As the structure our career provided, the relationships, and who we knew ourselves to be falls away, we enter uncharted territory.  After years of being experts in what we used to do, we are called to new challenges, learning, and relationships.  This can be overwhelming and terrifying at times as it affects the structure of our daily lives, how we see ourselves, how others see us, and how we navigate in the world.

If we can embrace the adventure at the heart of the experience, it can change everything.

There are at least two important factors in embarking on any adventure – our attitude toward it and our plan.  When we take time to set a destination, plan the itinerary, invite a friend or group to share the experience, set aside a budget and more, we set the ground for a successful and enjoyable journey.  Holding the attitude of adventure opens us to receive the gifts, blessings, learning and surprises along the way.

Here are some questions to reflect on as you prepare for the adventure:

  • Who will be your support team (friends, family, colleagues)?
  • How do you need to redesign your closest relationships now that your life is changing?
  • Who do you want to spend more time with?
  • What are the not-to-be missed experiences you want to have in this life?
  • How will you connect your talents, skills and experience to a meaningful purpose?
  • What are the personal strengths and character traits that will best serve you on the journey?
  • Do you have a spiritual path? What part do you want that to play in your journey?
  • What is the legacy you want to leave to your family, organization and community?
  • Are your finances in shape to support your vision and plan for your life going forward?
  • What do you want a typical day, week, month to look like and feel like?
  • If you were to read your obituary, what would you want it to say about who you were as a person, the impact you made, and the legacy you left to those who have survived you?

Some of these can be tough questions.  Spending time answering them can make all the difference in the quality of this important next chapter of your life.  Everyone’s journey is different.  I went through the transition myself, and it was lonely and terrifying at times as I navigated all the changes and charted a new course. As a result of my experience, when the opportunity to co-found Life Reinspired presented itself, I took it.  I knew that if I’d had the kind of structure and support that our program offers, the journey would have been smoother and more enjoyable, so I want to offer that opportunity to others, along with the wisdom I gained along the way.

Embrace the adventure that awaits! It will be fulfilling, scary, inspiring, surprising and wonderful.

Life Reinspired is a reset lab for successful Baby Boomers contemplating a meaningful next chapter of life. Contact us for more information or find out more about our programs and upcoming retreats.


Sabrina Roblin is Co-Founder of Life Reinspired, a reset lab for successful Baby Boomers contemplating a meaningful next chapter in life. Sabrina is an experienced executive, mentor, trainer, and coach. She has worked for organizations that include Wells Fargo Bank, Broderbund Software, and The Coaches Training Institute.