I believe the times we’re in are heralding a shift for humanity from a world paradigm of fear, power and control which leads to exclusivity and tribalism (I’m special, you’re not) to a world paradigm of love, abundance, interdependence, and collaboration which leads to inclusivity, and embracing all of humanity as one. The pandemic and the climate crisis are showing us the truth of our interdependence and connection.  This shift which we see playing out in the news cycle around the world is also happening on a personal level on both the inside and the outside.

I know I feel it.  The world is shifting in me and around me.  My perceptions and how I live my life are changing.  I’m finding to stay grounded and centered in the chaos of all the change I need restorative practices like meditation, regular exercise, connection with people I love and respect, spiritual practices, and lots of rest.  When fear of the future grips me, I need to focus on joy, beauty, gratitude and love.  This doesn’t mean I’m ignoring difficult changes and circumstances.  To me it means cultivating those qualities of joy, beauty, gratitude and love in me so that I can bring them to whatever and whoever I’m interacting with during the day.  And have compassion for myself when I fail to do that.  I need to remind myself constantly to “stay close in” as the poet David Whyte says.  To focus on what’s in front of me rather than trying to see into the future that’s unknowable and get scared by the uncertainty that lies there.  By doing these things I stay grounded and become a steward of transformation, living into the new paradigm.

These are times of both crisis and great opportunity.  We are all being called forth to bring our gifts and talents to bear in service of the shift that is happening.  We are all being called to embrace ourselves and each other in joy, beauty, gratitude and love.  In what ways will you cultivate these qualities?  In what ways will you serve this transformation?  If you’re unsure about the second question, ask yourself – where does my great joy meet a deep need I see in the world?

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Sabrina Roblin, CPCC,  a former executive and founder of Life Reinspired, is happily enjoying her best chapter of life.  She now helps others do the same.