I recently went to California to visit family for the first time since the pandemic started.  It was so liberating and meaningful to spend the Easter weekend with them.  We had a picnic in a park, under the trees.  In the delight and relief of being together, we laughed and enjoyed each other.  As I went back through the San Francisco airport the next morning, I was on autopilot.  I didn’t realize that how people walk from the air train to the check in counter had changed, and I was headed in through the “out” door.

The first warning were the signs, which I didn’t see or read.  The second warning was the red line on the floor, which I also didn’t see in my autopilot state, and kept walking.  The next thing that happened was that the alarms went off, lights started flashing and a security agent started yelling at me to stop.  That woke me up and I did.  I froze, startled into full presence and realized what was happening.  Thankfully I woke up before I got tackled.  I took two steps back, the alarms stopped, the lights stopped flashing, and the security guard visibly relaxed.  I apologized and said I was looking to check in for my flight.  He redirected me, I found the check in desk, and headed to my gate.

As I was walking to my gate, I realized this is how life works.  When we’re going down a road that isn’t good or healthy for us, the universe gives us signs.  At first the signs are subtle and easy to miss.  For example, in a bad relationship, it might be a few demeaning comments or our partner getting so drunk they can’t drive, or they black out.  If we don’t listen, as we keep on the path, the signs and signals get louder.  And if we don’t listen to those, alarms start going off and we often get “tackled” by an illness, divorce, or some other intense life experience that forces us look at the truth of what’s happening.  At that point we have to come to grips with the changes we need to make.  If we listen to the more subtle, initial signs, the changes are easier to make.  If we dismiss them until we get tackled, the consequences are always much higher and harder to overcome.

The universe seeks to support and guide us.  If we stay awake, we can see the signs.

So, where in your life are you on autopilot?  What warning signs might you be dismissing or ignoring?  Listening, doing some critical thinking, re-visioning and course correction about the situation now, can save you a lot of suffering further down the road.  Do you need to make internal changes (inner growth, skill development, self-esteem) or external changes (new diet or exercise routine, job, partner, home)?  Even small, consistent changes in your life can make a big, positive, sustainable difference over time that brings you more joy and meaning!

Sabrina Roblin, CPCC is a retired executive, founder of Life Reinspired, and a coach, trainer and speaker who is happily enjoying her best chapter of life.  She now helps others do the same.
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